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- what to expect indoor vs outdoor use - tips - repair -

Wood is a fascinating and naturally dynamic medium, and each of our hand-carved pieces embarks on a unique journey. As wood matures and its moisture content evolves, it's natural for movement and cracking to occur (sometimes even up to an inch). These changes contribute to the inherent character of the piece. To ensure the longevity of your Beck & Cap creation, we've compiled some essential care tips:



At Beck & Cap, we create each piece of hand-carved wooden furniture with the utmost care and attention to detail. It's important to understand that wood is a natural and ever-changing medium. Here's what you can expect as your unique piece matures over time:

Due to the standard sizes of our pieces, they will be affected by the climate of where you live - humidity and heat, or the lack thereof; this will happen no matter how long we have had the wood drying before it is carved. As a result, cracking (sometimes up to an inch) and crazing (a network of fine cracks on the surface) is to be expected over time. The structural integrity of your piece will not be affected.


  • Mindful Placement: When integrating your furniture or decor pieces into your indoor space, consider keeping them at a reasonable distance from heat sources like registers, vents, or fireplaces. Excessive heat accelerates moisture loss and can lead to rapid, unnatural cracking and shifting.

  • Floor Protection: To shield your floors and rugs from expelling moisture, it's advisable to place felt feet or similar protectors beneath each piece for air flow. These not only assist in moisture management but also facilitate easy movement.

  • Heat, Cold, and Moisture: Direct exposure to extreme temperatures and moisture from beverages can influence your piece's condition. For safeguarding, we recommend the use of trivets or coasters to minimize contact and potential damage.


  • Caution Outdoors: When situating your furniture or decor items outdoors, be aware that they become more susceptible to weather-related wear and tear due to excess moisture and UV rays. While we apply spar urethane as a protective measure, it cannot entirely shield pieces from the natural elements.

  • Elevation and Airflow: Elevating each piece slightly helps maintain consistent airflow underneath, reducing contact with ground moisture. If you reside in an area with substantial rainfall or snow, it's advisable to relocate your pieces indoors during those seasons.

  • Regular Resealing: For outdoor pieces, we strongly recommend resealing annually using spar urethane. This protective measure helps preserve your piece's appearance and structural integrity, and it's also beneficial for indoor items.


  • Custom Nature: Given the distinctive and personalized nature of our craftsmanship, returns solely based on appearance or cracking aren't accepted, unless the item is broken or compromised.

  • Addressing Cracks: Should a concerning crack emerge, we're more than happy to explore potential solutions and offer basic repairs at no additional cost. For such instances, we require you to deliver or ship the piece to our Kalispell, Montana shop. Alternatively, if visiting isn't feasible, we can guide you through repair steps remotely.


Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries or concerns. Your questions are always welcome, and you can contact us via email at We're here to assist you in ensuring the continued beauty and durability of your Beck & Cap pieces.


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