Our mini wooden mushrooms range in size from 12-14" tall and up to 7" in diameter. Each mushroom is hand-carved, unique and full of character! You can expect movement and cracking as they age and acclimate to your climate.  


It is recommended to make sure there is sufficent air flow beneath your furniture using felt feet or blocks, especially if placing on rugs or carpet because wood retains some amount of moisture for years. 


All of our products are made by hand in Northwestern Montana. Production time is currently 3-4 months out. 


Tabletop Mushroom

  • Return Policy

    Each mushroom is a work of art and the movement and cracking cannot be predicted. If your mushroom stool should break during shipping or after you receive it, please email us for options.

  • If you would like to purchase and are outside of the continental US, please send an email with products, quantities and address to beckandcap@gmail.com